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Metro Girls Vs St Mary’s

Last nights game against St Mary's was always going to be tough, and seeing the team we were playing with a high number of current Anne Arundel girls as well as recent alumni immediately put the pressure on the Metro team. Coach Carina took charge of the warm up and got the girls ready for another big game. Metro girls once against lost the ball on the draw and after a long play and solid defending from Emma Cooke, supported with excellent slides from Millie and Lucie eventuially the St Mary's team scored a goal. The Metro Girls were not prepared to have another goal against them and pulled away a lead with goals from Chloe, Em Richardson, Emily Kynaston and Maisie. A yellow card late in the second half and the defence feeling tired with one man down meant the opposition scored 4 goals in quick succession. A disappointing end to a great first half, the St Mary's team took the lead. Half time was quiet and subdued compared to the usual upbeat and chatty team we were used to. Eventually the girls lifted their heads and started to believe they had it in them to win a second game. Emily Kynaston scored the first goal of the second half. Ellie Simpson had an awesome game outrunning the St Mary's girls on more than one occasion to get the ball safely into attack. Emily Richardson really used her strength in her power shots to score twice more. That's a hatrick! Beth really showed some flair, defending hard when the American team tried to fight back and Aimee saved an amazing 13 goals in the game to prevent any St Mary's goals. Ellie B scored, quickly followed by Dakota. Eva came back on and created space for Amy to score a goal with only a few minutes to go. We were also very glad to welcome our captain Alex back onto the pitch who did a great job assisting the last goal of the game with a quick sprint in transition, pass to Katie who scored on her first shot of the tour. That's another WIN for the Metro Girls against a very competitive team. Well done to all girls playing and raising their level beyond what we have seen from them so far. We're all looking forward to Hershey park on Monday and the friendship game on Tuesday!

Metro Girls Vs Davidsonville

Wednesday's game hosted by Davidsonville Gators had the best start for the Metro Girls of all the games so far. Straight from the whistle the girls were fighting and ready to give 100% to this match and it showed when Em Richardson scored the first goal! The girls didn't let it slip with Emily Rossiter playing solid defence and not letting any of the Gators through causing a turnover and a goal scored by Chloe Dodd. The team really pulled together with more goals from Miranda, Maisie, Ellie B and a second goal from both Chloe and Em Richardson. Besides the goal scorers both Katie and Joni were working hard off ball creating space for the drive and re-defending to success when the ball turned over. Half time was in high spirits as we had a good lead on the opposition (7-1). Girls were determined to maintain the level of play and went back onto the pitch fighting. Unfortunately Davidsonville also came out fighting and their goalie was having a great game coming out of the goal for interceptions. The Gators scored two in a row. Metros responded with Aoife having another great game taking 4 shots and scoring twice. Emily Noble stepped up her game pushing out hard on the attack players. Miranda and Ellie B both scored one more goal each to secure our first WIN of the tour! Besides the girls mentioned, every single member of the team played exceptionally well and brought their best to the game. While many of the attack and midfield players are aiming for hatricks every game, none were scored today - feeling positive about the next game. Well done to all the Metro Girls. Final score 11-5.

Day trip to DC

Yesterday was the day trip to Washington DC. An early start for everyone but this meant we were in the city by 8.30am ready to walk around the city. We were all glad to be there so early to miss the crowds allowing us to get some good photo opportunities and besides that the heat! First stop was a walk around the outside of the White House, besides an angry security officer only letting half the girls cross the road at a time the visit went very smoothly and all the girls enjoyed taking pictures before getting back on the bus (thank goodness for air conditioning!!) and heading for the next site. By the time the girls were off the bus the temperature had really risen. We took the time to visit the World War II memorial (the water feature looked very inviting to the girls and the coaches) and then a leisurely stroll through the park to the beautiful Vietnam war memorial. We finally visited the Lincoln memorial after a quick stop to grab an ice cream and cold drink the team was in high spirits climbing the steps to get inside. A quick visit to the gift shop and we hopped back on the bus for lunch and to head to the museum of native Americans. We had a couple of hours to learn about the history of the Inca trail and watched a performance of traditional drumming and singing. The final stop on our DC tour was to the Jefferson monument. Coach Tony introduced a photography competition to be judged by be Anne Arundel coach Kelly. There were many entries and the decision was tough but the final winner was Emily Richardsons photo featuring Millie, Lucie and Beth.   image Chloe with her Stars and Stripes bucket hat. image All the girls in front of the World War II memorial image Photo opportunity in front of a cop car, unimpressed cop watching... image Metro girls posing in front of the White House.

International fame!

After Saturday's tough match in the heat against Bucs the Metro Girls have reached international fame with an article published on the front page of the local paper! If anyone wishes to read the article and/or see the professional photos starring some of the girls feel free to take a look here:

Metro Girls vs Crofton

Today's game came after a couple of days off, where the girls got to enjoy host activities such as tubing, hot tubs, trips to Georgetown and the local favourite, crabs. There was lots to catch up on before the game but this didn't stop us preparing for a strong start against another fearless American side. The first draw went our way and the Metro girls were positive but sadly a few mistakes led to an early goal by Crofton. Miranda brought it back level with a goal but the Metro girls couldn't hold off the Crofton girls who pulled away with a lead. Emily Kynaston went into centre with great draw control creating a scoring opportunity from Dakota. By the end of the first half the Metro defence was tired and heads were down with the score 10-2. Second half started off slowly again for the Metro girls but another goal from Miranda based on great defence team work and sliding between Millie and Lucie and then Jaime transitioning up the field got the girls back in the game. No one can deny the defence played outstandingly second half, Emily Noble, Emily Rossiter and Emma Cooke in particular making great contact and preventing shots with Aimee only allowing 2 goals in this half. Aoife has to be mentioned for her fantastic ground balls and five consecutive pitch sprints which allowed Dakota to assist a second goal to Chloe. Overall a great second half which really showed grit and determination from our girls. Final score 14-4.

Metro Girls vs Bays photos

  imageimageimage Miranda, Em Richardson and Sophie reacting to the draw image Joni ready to cut to goal image Ellie B setting up the draw image Amy R ready to go at the start of the 2nd half image Our goalie Aimee makes 18 saves this game! imageimageimage A selection of photos from the Bay's game (the first game for the girls). Photo credit to Gabby Donner.

Metro Girls vs Bucs

What a game! Today's game played on a beautiful turf in what felt like 115F for the girls against the Bucs in Pasadena. The Americans started off with a quick goal but the Metro Girls brought it back with two in succession with beautiful play and a great couple of goals from Miranda. The defence held strong with Sophie producing a perfect crease drive stop and the centre draws all to play for. A very competitive start to the game! An unlucky yellow card left the metro girls one player down just before the second half where the score was level. All the girls played extremely well at this point to keep the score down but the heat of the first half took its toll in the last minute ending the first half 8-5. Half time pep talks were up-beat and the girls were determined to go out again and play even harder as the temperature of the pitch was rising into the heat of the day. We all believed they could do it! Bucs came out hard for the second half with 4 consecutive goals extending their lead but this didn't stop the metro girls. Em Richardson took charge receiving the draw after playing outstandingly all game and charging down the pitch from the centre draw to score a goal. And the metros heads were back in the game. Great defending from Mary helping the ball transition to the attack for Eva's first goal. The final score was no reflection on how hard the girls worked and the entire coaching team was very proud of their performance and team work in difficult conditions. Other successful shots on goal from Maisie (1), Dakota (1) and Ellie B (1).  Another incredible 10 saves from goalie Aimee and congratulations Chloe for a hatrick and all round great game. Final score 15-9 Big thanks to Bucs for hosting us at such a fantastic pitch, to the girls and the parents for staying out in the heat and particularly to Huggy moms Kath, Anita and Michelle working hard all game filling waters, preparing ice towels and cooling the girls down on such a hot day. Monday's match will be another challenge for the team but hopefully all will be excited and ready for the game after a couple of days off to enjoy the plans made by host families.

Metro Girls Vs Bays

Today's game hosted by the Bay's was certainly a challenging first game. The girls met at 5.30 still in over 30 degree heat and a high humidity. The girls did an easy warm up and a fantastic rendition of God Save the Queen before hitting the pitch ready to fight. The American team scored the first goal straight from the draw but that didn't stop the metro girls. Solid defending by the girls with Lucy and Miranda both turning over the ball to prevent anther goal for a few minutes. The ground was soft and with everyone working hard, captain Alex took a tumble. The girls brought their determination and team work once again ending the first half hot and tired 6-0. Second half was really when the girls got into their stride with two goals in a row from Ellie Bridge in the centre. Jamie was determined not to leave the pitch without giving bruises to several of the girls and Chloe Dodd ended the game with a goal after a few more shots from both her and Ellie B. And we can't forget to mention our goalie Aimee Rogerson who managed an incredible 18 saves throughout the game against a very tough opposition in tougher conditions. Final score 14-3 Congratulations to all girls who worked their hardest and a big thanks to the Bay's team, coaches and referees for the pitch and an excellent game and reception. Next game is tomorrow lunchtime, bring it on!

Arrived in Annapolis

We all arrived safe and sound yesterday with only minor hiccups along the way. After being sat on the plane for an hour before taxi we finally took off. It was only half an hour before the girls were star struck, ROBIN HOOD WAS ON THE PLANE. Good work to Em Richardson for plucking up the courage to ask if it really was him. Several selfies later (with Robin Hood sleeping in the background) and a final photo with the man himself, we all landed and met the coaching team from the states. Another couple of hours on the coach fuelled by Cheetos and fruit snacks and the girls finally got the chance to meet their host families. There were banners and cheering and a confetti canon! What a welcome to Annapolis!! For the first full day of the tour the girls had a training session with all the tour leaders and girls to catch up. Everyone was in high spirits and after a short but very hot training both teams exchanged gifts before heading off to lax world to shop and eat pizza. Hopefully they will all be well rested and ready for the first game tomorrow evening!  

Newsletter – April 2016

Dear Parents & Players 2016 USA MetroGirls Tour; Wednesday 20th July to 4th August 2016 First Training Day; Sunday 24th April @ Brooklands Sports Club 9.45pm for a 10.00am start; finishing promptly at 4,00pm This is the leaders and players first training day together and we are looking forward to catching up with those girls in their second year with us, and getting to know those in their first year. Players MUST bring with them to ALL training sessions the following items:-
  • Stick(s), gloves (if worn), gum guard, eye guard (if worn)
  • Both, trainers & cleats/boots, sports underwear, two training shirts & shorts, two extra pairs of socks;
  • Sweat top & pants, water proof jacket,
  • A complete change of travelling home clothes, towel.
  • A large water bottle, plus an additional 1 litre bottle of water; energy snacks and lunch including carbohydrates, (no carbonated or energy drinks)
  • And a large plastic bin liner capable of holding all your kit and kit bag.
Please use this as a check list prior to each session. Car-Pooling: We encourage parents to arrange car-pooling to share the dropping- off and picking-up of your daughters. Please see the attached list of parents contact details. Pre-Tour Training & Game dates: We confirm that it is expected that players commit to be at all the scheduled dates as we will be developing playing styles, positions and combinations for the tour. Sunday 8th May 2016, Training 10.00am till 4.00pm @ Stockport Cricket Club Sunday 22nd May 2016 Training & Scrimmage Game 10.00am till 4.00pm@ TBD Sunday 12th June 2016 Training & Scrimmage Game 10.00am till 4.00pm @ Stockport Cricket Club Sunday 26th June 2016 Training, 10.00am till 4.00pm @ Stockport Cricket Club Sunday 10th July 2016 Final Training, Alumni Game, Parents Meeting and Kit hand-out 10.00am till 4.00pm @ Mellor. (TBC) Tour Kit, Gifts & Clothes: Since the Parents meeting, we have placed orders for the tour kit and are currently sourcing gifts for the USA Host Families. Tour Payments: Thank you for those who have made the final payment. The balance of £775.00 (unless larger amounts have already been paid) is required by 31st April 2016. Payments please by internet banking preferably, to HSBC, MetroGirls Lacrosse, please see the paper copy of the newsletter for details. Michelle & Tony

Newsletter – March 2016

Dear Parents & Players 2016 USA MetroGirls Tour; Wednesday 20th July to 4th August 2016 Parents & Players Meeting: Please see enclosed an outline itinerary based on the 2014 USA tour, albeit locations, venues and opposition teams are provisional. Tour Payments, Thank you for those of who have made the second payment; for the remainder £700 is required as soon as possible. The tour balance of £775.00 (unless larger amounts have already been paid) is required by 31st April 2016. Payments please by internet banking, please see the hard copy of this newsletter or contact us for details. Pre-Tour Training & Game dates: It is expected that players commit to be at all the scheduled dates being Sundays:- 24 April @ Brooklands 9.45am for 10.00am start – 4.00pm finish/pick-up and 8th and 22nd May; 12th and 26th June; 10th July, 2016 at venues to be determine.   Passport & ESTA: thank you for those of you who have already provided a copy of these; for the remainder please can this be provided as soon as possible as it is necessary that we check your daughters full name as displayed, the number and expiry date to ensure correct flight tickets and we meet the US Home Security immigration requirements. For completion of the ESTA a USA contact name, address and telephone number is required, and therefore please see the hard copy of this newsletter or contact us for details Former MetroGirls & England Australia Tour June 2016: we are proud to be able to congratulate former MetroGirls Chloe Chan, Claire Faram, Charlotte Lytolis and Liv Wimpenny in being selected for the preparation tour in readiness for the 2017 World Championships, and wish them the best of success. If you have any questions please raise them either during the meeting or immediately following

Newsletter – February 2016

Dear Parents & Players 2016 USA MetroGirls Tour; Wednesday 20th July to 4th August 2016 Parents & Players Meeting: Thursday 25th February 2016 @ Brooklands Lacrosse Club, meet 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start; arranged for us all to meet and introduce ourselves and provide you all with more details about the tour preparations, kit, training, travel arrangements and activities. There will also be player photographs on arrival and trying on kit for sizes. All family members are welcome; and we will be finished by 8.45pm Tour Group, we are pleased to confirm the Aimee Rogerson and Joni Randall have joined the squad. Tour Payments, we seek a second payment of £700 by the end of February 2016, and the balance of £775.00 (unless larger amounts have already been paid) is required by 31st April 2014. Payments please by internet banking to HSBC, please see the hard copy of this newsletter or contact us for details. Pre-Tour Training & Game dates: We confirm that it is expected that players commit to be at all the scheduled dates as we will be developing playing styles, positions and combinations for the tour. The dates are as scheduled in the December 2015 Newsletter, being:- Sundays 24 April; 8th and 22nd May; 12th and 26th June; 10th July, 2016 Venues to be determine and advised later. Information required; if highlighted below we seek the following items from you urgently Player & Family Details    -    Copy of Passport (identity page)    -    ESTA Registration Tour Kit, Gifts & Clothes: An update on our procurement of these will be provided at the Parents & Players meeting, including samples and sizes to try-on for ordering Player Fitness: We will be encouraging your daughters to increase their level of fitness and will be discussing with them individually to establish a personal training plan. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, otherwise we look forward to meeting you all on Thursday 25th February 2016. Michelle & Tony

Newsletter – October 2015

Dear Parents & Players   MetroGirls 2015 USA Tour; Wednesday 20th July to August 4th 2016   Thank you all for your invitation acceptances and deposits for the MetroGirls 2016 USA Tour; for the few remaining deposits please transfer these as soon as possible.   MetroGirls 2016 Tour Group: The MetroGirls tour group comprises of 24 players, who will be accompanied by seven leaders, being, Michelle Malkin, Tony Malkin, Carina Eaton, Laura Rees, Martin Rees and Molly Deykin.   USA Tour Travel Details: The bookings for the MetroGirls group are now confirmed as follows with deposits paid:-
  • Flights, depart - Manchester to Washington Dulles, UA101 depart 10.55am, 20jul16, arrive 2.05pm, (local time) with United Airlines UA101; return - Washington Dulles to Manchester UK UA100 depart 6.40pm (local time), 03Aug16, for an overnight flight, arrive 6.55am 04aug16, United Airlines UA100.
  • Travel between Washington Dulles and Annapolis and back will be by coach.
  Hosting: As with previous tours, the players and leaders will be staying with families of the Anne Arundel County CrosseOver Girl’s Youth lacrosse organisation; this being the American group who the MetroGirls hosted for two weeks this past summer (July 15) and also previous years. MetroGirls who hosted last summer will have the opportunity to stay with the same girl and we ask that parents let us know their preference.   Itinerary: The two weeks in America will be a mixture of lacrosse games (6), MetroGirls group sightseeing and cultural visits to places of interest, and individual activities with the host families. The tour dates occur during the USA school summer vacation, and therefore host families will be participating in holiday-time activities in particular at weekends, which are likely to include swimming and more. The MetroGirls will be part of these activities as a ‘family member’.   Information required (required as soon as possible):-
  • Player & Family Details: please will all families complete the enclosed sheet to ensure that we have your accurate/up to date details and return it by post or email.
  • Passports: copy your daughter’s passport page(s) which show the name, number and photograph. If you daughters passport expires before March 2017 it will require to be renewed as soon as possible.
  • ESTA Approval: Your daughter will need US Homeland Security ‘ESTA’ registration/approval which must be obtained from following the application instructions, including travel dates and flight details. The destination address is non-essential information and can be left blank to be completed later. A payment of $14 is required (be wary of other non-official web sites which charge more). Print the ‘approval’ page and send a copy to us as confirmation of the registration reference.
  Parents/Players Meeting:- A meeting will be held during February 2014 for everybody to meet each other, learn more about the MetroGirls organisation, receive pre-tour and updated tour details; and also for sizing tour clothing/kit. (using samples)   Training: This will commence after Easter 2014, comprising of seven or eight all-day Sunday sessions in the period leading up to the tour dates, with the dates taking account of school terms and breaks. From now and until to tour, each player is required to raise their fitness level.   Social Media Policy: Please see attach; this will apply for 2015/6 with changes/updates issued as appropriate. Please contact us is you have any queries at this time.   The above information is only an outline of the tour planning and events, and in the months to follow, including the parents meeting, greater details will be provided, including reminders. In the meantime if you have any queries now please telephone or email Michelle or Tony.   Michelle & Tony

Annapolis Day Is Always A Favourite

We had such a great day yesterday in historic Annapolis. We started the day at the State House for a one hour guided tour. They learned a lot about the historic connections between Annapolis and England. From the State House we walked into the United States Naval Academy. We took in the splendor of the Navy Chapel. We then went to the crypt of Navy Hero (British traitor) John Paul Jones.  We timed our movement to see the noon day parade. This is where the Plebes march in formation to their mid-day meal. The Plebes are inducted into the Academy July 1st. Their Plebe Summer runs until Parents weekend August 8 & 9. Shopping in the Navy store is always a hit and this is where mostly all gifts a purchased for family. The girls were then allowed to shop and have lunch in Annapolis before we boarded the Habour Queen boat for a one hour boat ride on the Severn River. The girls were wonderful company and serenaded the masses wherever we went. We have a game tonight against St Mary's. This particular person is hoping that the overcast skies will limit activity and they will be rested and ready to play. Have no doubt these young ladies are having a great time, image image image image image image image image image image image image image image Bayhawks Game