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Brian Higgins: MetroGirls trustee from 2005, home club Mellor, former club junior team manager, current North U18 manager, married & parent, independent specialist furniture manufacturer importer & retailer.

Hilary Higgins: MetroGirls trustee from 2005, married & parent, independent ophthalmologist.

Margaret Zuppinger: MetroGirls leader 2002-2005 & trustee, former Stockport club team manager, married & parent, independent business training consultant.

Tony Zuppinger: MetroGirls leader 2002-2005 & trustee, married & parent, architect.

Michelle Malkin: MetroGirls co-tour director & trustee from 2005, home club, Stockport; former Cape St Clair Swim Team Manager; married, parent & grandparent, former Provident bank vice president, currently HSBC premier manager.

Tony Malkin: MeroGirls director 1996-1998, co-tour director, and trustee from 2005, head coach from 2009; home club Stockport, former President of the English lacrosse association, former MetroBoys Tour Director 1989-2001, current Cheshire county & north U18 head coach, married, parent & grandparent, partner of consulting engineer practice.

Ian Ritchie: Director 2002-2005 & trustee, former Stockport junior manager, married & parent, retired Automobile Association specialist.

Julie Barker: MetroGirls leader and trustee from 2008, home club Stockport, former club U16 manager, current Cheshire county U18 manager; married & parent, travel company manager.