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BUCS vs MetroGirls

The only way to describe our first game of the tour was WET.  As the team arrived, the rain was already falling but the girls were not put off by the weather.  With a general feeling of excitement amongst the team they warmed up to shake off those first minute nerves and focus ready for the game.  With the Captains Ella and Anna leading by expample and motivating the team the coaches could tell from the pre-game team talk, the team was fired up and ready.

After the national anthem, the Metros clustered together for a final shout before getting out onto the field for the first draw.  Both teams started strong with even possessionn although the BUCS team took advantage of their opportunities in from of the goal scoring three times.  MetroGirls called a timeout after which the English girls really settled into their rhythm.  Great work off the centre draw by Harley Tideswell meant the Metros scored their first goal with an amazing finish by Molly Preston.  Annabel Noble and Millie Hurt created plenty of opportunities in the rest of the first half with two more goals resulting.

Defensive work by Sadie Cox and Lucy Mayer and Ella Langston helped by the midfielders and organised by Ruby Conroy held out the opposition until the half time.  The first half ended 5-3 to the BUCS.

The second half started with our defensive team including Ettie Leonard, Rachel Edwards, Monique Conlan and Ella Langston working really well together causing turnovers, defensive transition runs by Monique and Lily Lloyd as well as a stylish goal from Katie Hewetson followed by another great period of off ball attacking work by Phoebe Hurt, Lucy Bowden and Amy Smith helped the Metros to bring back the score line until we were drawing 6-6 shortly after half time!  Abi Hughes had a couple of awesome saves with clears deep into the midfield with transition passing giving the MetroGirls a huge position advantage.  Harley Tideswell and Phoebe Fisher both scored awesome goals to keep Metros in the game.  With five minutes to go, the MetroGirls were two goals down.  Space was created in the fam for Phoebe Hurt to score and with a final few substitutions and one minute to go Ella Dimbylow scored to bring us even!  The bench was going crazy and the girls on the field cheering so much with the clock stopped at 30 seconds.  The supporters in the stands were chanting for the MetroGirls and the BUCS team substituted on their tallest players for the draw for the final time.  those girls couldn’t stop us and Metros took possession with another drive to gaol and Millie Hurt scored again to make a hat trick and take us into the lead!!!  Metros played intelligently for the remaining 15 seconds holding onto the ball and keeping it safe until the final whistle was called.  Despite the rain and all the players, coaches and supporters being soaked through – we were all delighted with a win for our first game especially with such a nail biting ending!

Congratulations to everyone playing and than you to BUCS for such a great game!  Although we are hoping for better weathere for the next time!

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