Metro Girls Vs Anne Arundel – Friendship Game

Good Morning again!

Sorry to those of you who may have had a look at the website this morning. I was shattered last night so had to have a sleep before I attempted the last marathon match report!

So the opposition was Anne Arundel County host girls. The venue: Broadneck (where we played Monday’s game). The temp: 98 degrees and very humid.

About 30 mins before the game was about to start the Anne Arundel girls changed in to their kit. It was identical to ours!
We presumed that as they were well aware of the colour of the kit we were wearing they would make alternative arrangements. However, 5 mins before we were about to play they landed the bombshell that it would be us who would be wearing the bibs. Team tactics on their behalf to change our focus (very clever but a mistake). This was going to be a match which relied upon the girls’ mental as well as their physical strength. Game on.

We had a team talk with the girls prior to the game about determination and strength and if we were going to win any game then this would be the one. We fired our girls up and when the starting line up walked on the pitch I knew this would be amazing game.

img_1893 img_1876 The game started and the excellent centre player who played in the last game was put in for the draw. We knew that when Liv W and Hayley took the draw the ball went high and deep into our defending half so we needed to switch the centre up. We put Charl in which knocked them off their game. We won the centre ran to goal, played it around the goal to Katy, Emily C, Keely and the jenni drove from behind to score our first. The ball went back to centre, we won again played the ball round the goal, it went to Jenni who fed a neat ball into Dori and our 2nd was scored! The ball went back to centre again, we subbed a few players into attack and midfield but struggled subbing the D as they had little to do! We won the next centre and the next and 2 goals from Charl made the score 4-0. They won the next centre and took the ball to our half. They had a shot on goal which was saved by Meg (1 of 4 excellent saves). We then transitioned well with Lizzie running the length of the pitch with support from Sarah H, Em S and the ball was fed to Sarah who passed it to Erin, it was passed to Fiona and Ellie G received the ball on the top of the 8 – took her player on and had a great shot on goal which easily bypassed the goalie. Great 5-0 up!

img_1913 img_1923 They won the centre. The centre player took the ball straight to goal and despite to best efforts of our Defence who surrounded the ball (Lynchy, Bibby and Susie) somehow she got past them with some nifty stick work and scored their first. 5-1. We called a time out and asked our girls to keep doing what we were doing except we needed to tighten up our Defence. We reminded our players that the person with the ball was the most important player and push her out! No checks just steer her away from goal. We went back to centre Charl got the ball from the centre, passed to Zoe who then passed back to Charl who then shot on goal, it was saved and then there was a big kerfuffle (love that word!) and somehow the ball was in the back of the net. Well done Georgia who somehow picked it up and put it away! 6-1. Our game looked amazing, we could not have hoped for a start like this against such great opposition. I think our girls were probably thinking the same as me as our concentration lapsed and they got one back. Meg saved 2 more and made 2 great clears – one went to Erin who turned and passed to Liv W who had Hayley supporting her they both ran down the pitch together and Liv W had a shot, it was saved and then cleared right back to our Defending half. The other great clear went to Hayley where we then passed to Dori and a pass went astray. They gained possession and some excellent defending by Sarah Bibby and Lauren kept them in possession but out of any dangerous areas. They had possession for a good 5 minutes passing around the goal and trying to create an opportunity. Our Defence was tight but we could not win the ball back. They scored one more. 6-3. Right on the stroke of half time they came at us again and another fine save by Meg meant that the half time score was 6-3.


So into the next half we went. Our advice at half time was to stay strong and fight for every ball like we had never fought before. I for one really wanted to win and this game was clearly ours for the taking.

img_1961 img_1969 Mary started the second half in goal. So from the centre again it went. We won centre and Liv W passed to Charl who took the ball in and scored our 7th. They got 2 back and from then on we knew that Anne Arundel were not going to let us win without a fight. 7-5. Charl lost the centre but an excellent double by Hayley and Lizzie on the ball won us back possession. We transitioned fast and some quick passing from Hayley to Georgie to Erin to Charl meant that there was another shot on and it was neatly put away by Charl. 8-5. Then they got 3 goals in a row. They were fighting for every ball and our attack did not see any possession for a while. The Defence were under a lot of pressure (see picture of Sarah H with 2 girls round her – in fact there were 2 more girls just out of shot pressuring her too!) However, it was only one or 2 of their girls who were causing any problems and somehow when they cut to goal they managed to sneak through. Mary made 2 great saves in this period keeping us in the game. 8-8.

The game was tense. We lost the centre but again good work from our D wing won us back possession. The ball was run down by Liv W who made a great pass to Jenni who scored to put us in the lead. They came right back at us from the centre and again the centre player ran past all our players and put the ball in the back of the net. 9-9. So there was 90 seconds left on the clock. The ball went to centre. Charl took it and won – it went to Dori, Em S, and Hayley and was then passed to Jenni. She bravely drove round goal to score a great goal. Sweetly placed in the bottom right hand corner. The ball went back to centre again. We lost but again great defence by Lizzie and Suzie meant that we won possession back. Sarah H ran the length of the field behind goal and we needed to keep hold of the ball. They were smart and pressured us but we kept passing nicely around goal and ran the clock down. Final score 10-9.

What a game! This was as intense as it gets! The girls rose to the challenge and we came out winners. The girls did us all proud.

So as always I like to give a player of the match and as always I am going to give it to more of the girls than just one! The first in Jenni. She had a strong match (3 goals and 1 assist) and scored the goal which put us in the lead when we were tied at 8-8 and then when they leveled things up again she scored the winning goal. The timing of these goals was invaluable and therefore she thoroughly deserves the award. The next is Meg. She made 4 excellent saves in the first half which gave us our lead of 3 goals when by the end of the half we could have easily been tied. He next is Charl. I know I have already given this award to her twice but I think I need to give credit where credit is due. She was man marked from the start making her game very difficult. Whenever she went in to shoot she had 4 girls surrounding her. I am therefore at a loss how she managed to score 4 goals. It takes a very intelligent player to change their game facing different opposition tactics and still have a big part to play in the game. The last person I would like to give the player of the match award to is Lizzie. Lizzie has only played defence for 1 season and has matured into a very strong player. She had an excellent game. She supported the ball in the attack, organized the defence and was on quite a few occasions left with 2 players to mark but dealt with the pressure brilliantly.

img_2000 img_2004 At the end of the tour the Lynne Jones award is given out. For those of you that do not know what this is, the Lynne Jones was a Metro tour leader who was part of the tour even when I played. Not only a great person to be part of the tour, everyone loved her and she had made many friends over here in the States. Sadly she lost her battle with breast cancer and therefore an award is given in her name by both teams to the girl on the other team who epitomises the tour moto which is ‘friendship through lacrosse’. The Anne Arundel girls chose Jenni.

So the tour is over for another year! It has been great reading all the parents’ comments and Martin and I thoroughly enjoyed writing the reports. I think a big thank you needs to be sent to you guys for continually supporting you child, bringing them to practice and encouraging them to play lacrosse. I am sure the girls have made friends for life and have had experiences that they will never forget.

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  • Annette Gosnay

    Thank you so much,the match reports and photos have been greatly appreciated and eagerly anticipated-next best thing to being there. Sounds like a very exciting game-fantastic result.A big thank you to everyone there for making it such an amazing experience for all the girls,I know Ellie will be sad to leave,but I can’t wait to have her back!!

  • What a fantastic end to an amazing tour, well done everyone…players and leaders. Laura and Martin, your reports and photos have meant so much to us back home, your hard work has been very much appreciated.

  • Amanda Subhedar

    Wonderful soounds very exciting sorry I wasn’t there. Thanks very much Laura and Martin it as made a big differnce having all the match reports – almost feels like you are there – can’t wait to see you all at the airport in the morning have a safe journey.

  • Ian & Sue Stockton

    Awesome and a fine win. What a team!

    Many thanks to all – Michelle, Tony, Julie, Carina Laura & Martin – for your efforts and leadership. It’s really appreciated by both the girls & the parents.

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning. safe journey & hopefully no delays!!

  • Ann & Tony Lloyd

    Thank you to Laura and Martin for all the wonderful reports. We have all been eagerly waiting for the next installment, it really has helped to feel part of everything. Have a very safe journey home. See you tomorrow morning.

  • You girls are amazing!!!What a win to finish on.Thanks to all the tour leaders, and Laura and Martin your reports and photos have been fantastic. They’ve really helped to make this tour special for me. Have a safe trip home everyone! xx

  • Lisa Parker

    *****WOW – HOW FANTASTIC*** well done everyone, what an amazing way to finish the tour you should be so proud of yourselves. thank you for all the brilliant photos & match reports they had us on the edge of our seats. Thank you to everyone involved on the tour, it really has been wonderful to be part of it and looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, hope you have a safe & un-eventful journey

  • Liz & Iain Hiddleston

    Have been on pins waiting for this match report once I knew that the girls had won – what a way to finish a fabulous tour and it’s been great to really feel part of it with these brilliant reports and photos. Thank you Michelle, Tony, Julie, Laura, Carina and Martin (and of course to our Probst Family) for your hard work and generosity in making such memories for our girls and us parents too! We are indebted. Have a safe journey home.

  • Anita Bowker

    What a fantastic finish to the tour. Lots of happy memories for the whole team. Very well done everyone. A big thank you again to Laura for all the match reports and not forgetting Michelle, Tony, Julie, Carina and Martin and all the host families for all your hard work to make this such a special time for the girls.

  • What a fantastic way to finish the tour – well done – thank you so much Laura and Martin for the match reports & Photos, found myself checking the website first thing this morning before even putting the kettle on! We have really enjoyed catching up with what’s been going on. Thanks also to Michelle, Tony, Julie & Carina for all your hard work can’t wait to see everybody tomorrow! x x

  • Steve Kealey

    What a thrilling end to an outstanding tour. Jayne and I are really looking forward to seeing you all arrive home safe and sound. Our thanks go to ALL involved in this fabulous experience for the girls. For those extending their holidays enjoy yourselves and see you at the next training sessions. !!