Metrogirls Vs GLAAAC 2012

We arrived at the game today and it was pouring down! The temperature was about 70 degrees. Not much change from the weather we are used to playing in, so I had really high hopes. The GLAAAC team is made up of girls who did not make their high school teams. Traditionally, this has been our easiest game. We started the match with a quick goal from Holly C. We went up with another from Jess. 2-0. They came back at us with 2 goals in quick succession. 2-2. We had a time out and completely changed the team. We went back on the pitch and dominated play. The midfield ran their socks off. Special mention should go to Sophie and Tamsyn. However, We were all amazing. Goals from Charlotte, Jess and Jenny made the score 5-2. Our defence were fantastic, and kept their attack out. Particular mention should go to Kate Sinclair, for her sterling efforts, however Both Lydias, Alex and Antonia also performed well. Just before half time they scored leaving us 5-3 up and looking really strong. The team talk at half time was positive. There were a few occasions where we had given the ball away cheaply, and a few more occasions where the girls hadn't been watching the ball, but Tony and I were pleased. We went back out and scored again. This time from Niamh. 6-3. Our girls thought they had it in the bag. What we witnessed next was a complete game change. All of a sudden we were not fighting for the ball. They came at us in defence and we buckled under pressure. They scored, then scored again. Niamh scored for us making it 7-5. We called a timeout to fire up the girls and regain our composure. Unfortunately we just didn't organise ourselves enough and they scored 2 more levelling the score at 7-7. The other team called a time out when the game was being played. The players were told to drop their sticks and had no idea what was going on. We objected, then the umpires changed their minds and did not allow the team the time out as the game was in play. Our girls had no idea what was going on. Their team kept possession, took the ball and scored. 7-8. We had a tense last 18 seconds but the score ended up 7-8. This was a tough lesson for our girls to learn. Never have I seen a team dominate play so much and still lose. Jess, Jenny C and Kate S were my players of the match. The girls now have a free day on Sunday and a free morning/afternoon on Monday. Apparently Severna Park (who we play on Monday) are our toughest opposition. Until then, bye from me and Martin. image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

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  • Can`t believe the girls played their first match in the rain!!!Sounds like an exciting match ,so very close just 1 goal!Sounds like the girls faded a little towards the end.I feel sure that Tony and Laura will sort it out for next match.
    Sounds like all the girls have settled well and having great fun.Met a few parents yesterday at a tournament in Oxton.I played myself so aching like mad today and would you believe that we played in glorious sunshine,proper tanning weather!!!Best wishes and love to you all and be sure to win the next game.Miss you all xxxx

  • Julie Barker

    Wow sounds like a really tough game to lose ! What a shame but sounds like you played some awesome lacrosse. So great to read the match reports thanks Laura ! Photos are amazing Martin it’s lovely to see so many faces I recognise playing their socks off.
    Trust me I watched Carina play in that tournament on Sunday and she still has a turn of speed.
    Put Severna Park behind you, am sure you will have some great results to come – Happy Washington Day – not missing the early start. Well done all. xxx