Metro Girls Vs GLAAAC

Our first match was played at Magothy Middle school. The time: 12 midday. The temperature: 100 degrees. The team: U18 select from Anne Arundel County named GLAAAC. We all arrived on time! (first for everything!) because it was so hot we stayed in the shade for 30 minutes and had a very brief warm up – the girls were really tired and out of breath after just 10 minutes of line drills so was quite worried how they would fare in the actual match! I must say that I have been over to the states playing lax 3 times and I have never played in heat like it. Credit has to go to all the girls their determination and their resilience. So after the obligatory national anthems the game started... Draw was taken by Hayley (who won 90% of the centres throughout the game). The ball was played between the midfield when Charlotte Lytollis (Charl from now on) took the ball in and scored our first goal: 1-0. img_1073img_1071Second draw (won again) Ball passed through the midfield – round to Sarah C, Zoe and Olivia H then passed it to Jenni who drove round the goal from behind and scored our second: 2-0. GLAAAC then came back and scored 2 consecutive goals (one a pass which went in) the score: 2-2. Charl then got one back and the defence were excellent Sarah Bibby, Suzie, Sarah H and Lauren. They had a lot of play in their half and did well to keep GLAAAC out, but the got another lucky goal. Score 3:3. Next goal was one of the best of the day – ball came down from Georgia, passed it to Charl who then assisted Ellie G and our fourth goal was scored. The next thing we new we were under pressure. img_1072img_1095Meg made a good save in goal to keep them out, and our new defence consisting of Charlotte Lynch, Ellie C and Lizzie worked tremendously but 2 quick goals in succession from them left us on the back foot. Score: 4-5. Olivia Wimpenny took centre -won possession and passed to Emily S who then passed to Erin Parker who then passed to Olivia Higson who then pased to Charl who took the ball in and scored. Next centre we had possession but lost it and we got punished even though Fiona's best efforts sprinting the whole length of the field tracking back. Score: 5-6. HALF TIME So, after a fairly tame half time talk – We mostly made sure that all the girls were hydrated and that everyone was ok!. We started what was to be an exciting second half and one of the most exhilarating halves I have ever had the privilege to coach a team in. img_1094img_1077We changed the goalies from Meg to Mary (who made 2 excellent saves). We started the second half in the best possible way with 3 great goals from Olivia Higson (Dori from now on), Emily S and Charl. Score: 8-6. They got one back and great play by Emily Carlson and Katie kept the possession in our hands. The came a great goal from Emily Keely. Fiona received the ball in the midfield on a fast break – the only player in front of her was Emily K – she took the ball and with 5 GLAAAC players and the goalie in front of her, still managed to find the back of the net! (see photo) Score: 9-7. They came back at us with another one but substituting genius from Tony and myself (modest I know!) meant we always had fresh legs on the pitch and our girls kept running their hearts out. Emily S and Charl got another which widened the gap and we took the foot off the pedal meaning they took us by surprise scoring 2 more. Score 11-10. We had a time out and gave the girls a motivational talk – we had 6 minutes left and said they needed to run their hearts out for this and then they have 2 days rest!! It worked and we came back fighting with a heroic goal from Olivia Wimpenny, a great goal by Charl and to finish it all off another goal from Dori. Final score: 14-10. In summary, the girls put their heart and soul into this game in what were very difficult conditions. They played with excellent team spirit and we look set to have a promising tour. I like to choose a player of the match. Today it had to be – Charlotte Lytollis. Charlotte was not only scored the most goals and assists but she led by example and really helped motivate the team. I must say though that every girl without exception was amazing. Their conduct off and on the pitch has to be a credit to their parents. Next game is going to be on Monday and will be a good one so watch this space! See the photos page for more pictures and please feel free to comment as the girls will be going on the website too! Laura x

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  • Paul Bibby

    Well done girls what a great game to start the tour. Enjoy your days off.

  • Well done everyone, great report to read but wish we were with you!

  • Lisa Parker

    Fantastic girls !! Sounds like a great game – keep up the good work xx

  • Ann & Tony Lloyd

    Great Start Girls — Go Metro`s Go!!!

  • Adele higson

    Well done girls go metros

  • Ian & Sue Stockton

    Well done girls. Looks like a great game & team performance
    Excellent photos

    GO METROS !!!!!!!!

  • Annette Gosnay

    Well done girls. Have a great time.

  • Michelle

    Parents (Fans), Thanks for your encouraging comments. We wish you could have been there too. As HOT as it was I actually had goose bumps from the excitement and the level of play. I must say a HUGE thank you to Julie Barker, Penny and Gabrielle Donner(my daughter and granddaughter) and Charlie Ellis(Julie’s host son) for their support in keeping the girls hydrated and as cool as possible. I would be remiss if I did not mention the excellent coaching team of Tony and Laura. They did an amazing job of working together and keeping the girls motivated. A winning combination. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the pictures posted as Martin had to endure the sun while we did our jobs under the protection of the shade. Enjoying our day off in preparation of our next game tomorrow night!!

  • Fantastic game girls.Wish I was there to see you all play!Great match report Laura + photos Martin!

  • Michelle & Tony

    Relief!! The weather has finally broken. A booming thunder storm blew through this afternoon that has left trees on the roads, power lines down and cooler weather! Albeit still warm. The forecast next week is promising with temperatures in the 80’s F.

  • Alison Dunn

    Hey, what a start!!!!
    Brilliant as ever… keep up the great work all of you!!!
    Fantastic journo skills from Laura too!!

  • Kate Wimpenny

    Good luck girls for your second match later today. Looking forward to the photos & commentary later.

  • Go Metro’s………What a brilliant first match. Can’t wait to read all about your next match later on today.

  • Love the match reports – good luck for the match tonight – hope you all having a fab time – Go Metros!! x x

  • Anita & Glenn Bowker

    What a fantatistic start! Good luck to everyone for the next match.

  • jane christie

    Good luck with your next game. Look forward to reading the next report. Sounds like you are all having a great time.
    Go go go Metros!!

  • Liz and Iain Hiddleston

    The feedback and photos are excellent – thank you everyone for making us feel so much a part of it all and as ever Go Metros and show what you can do