Newsletter – March 2016

Dear Parents & Players

2016 USA MetroGirls Tour; Wednesday 20th July to 4th August 2016

Parents & Players Meeting: Please see enclosed an outline itinerary based on the 2014 USA tour, albeit locations, venues and opposition teams are provisional.

Tour Payments, Thank you for those of who have made the second payment; for the remainder £700 is required as soon as possible.

The tour balance of £775.00 (unless larger amounts have already been paid) is required by 31st April 2016.

Payments please by internet banking, please see the hard copy of this newsletter or contact us for details.

Pre-Tour Training & Game dates: It is expected that players commit to be at all the scheduled dates being Sundays:-

24 April @ Brooklands 9.45am for 10.00am start – 4.00pm finish/pick-up

and 8th and 22nd May; 12th and 26th June; 10th July, 2016 at venues to be determine.


Passport & ESTA: thank you for those of you who have already provided a copy of these; for the remainder please can this be provided as soon as possible as it is necessary that we check your daughters full name as displayed, the number and expiry date to ensure correct flight tickets and we meet the US Home Security immigration requirements.

For completion of the ESTA a USA contact name, address and telephone number is required, and therefore please see the hard copy of this newsletter or contact us for details

Former MetroGirls & England Australia Tour June 2016: we are proud to be able to congratulate former MetroGirls Chloe Chan, Claire Faram, Charlotte Lytolis and Liv Wimpenny in being selected for the preparation tour in readiness for the 2017 World Championships, and wish them the best of success.

If you have any questions please raise them either during the meeting or immediately following

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