Newsletter – October 2015

Dear Parents & Players


MetroGirls 2015 USA Tour; Wednesday 20th July to August 4th 2016


Thank you all for your invitation acceptances and deposits for the MetroGirls 2016 USA Tour; for the few remaining deposits please transfer these as soon as possible.


MetroGirls 2016 Tour Group: The MetroGirls tour group comprises of 24 players, who will be accompanied by seven leaders, being, Michelle Malkin, Tony Malkin, Carina Eaton, Laura Rees, Martin Rees and Molly Deykin.


USA Tour Travel Details: The bookings for the MetroGirls group are now confirmed as follows with deposits paid:-

  • Flights, depart – Manchester to Washington Dulles, UA101 depart 10.55am, 20jul16, arrive 2.05pm, (local time) with United Airlines UA101; return – Washington Dulles to Manchester UK UA100 depart 6.40pm (local time), 03Aug16, for an overnight flight, arrive 6.55am 04aug16, United Airlines UA100.
  • Travel between Washington Dulles and Annapolis and back will be by coach.


Hosting: As with previous tours, the players and leaders will be staying with families of the Anne Arundel County CrosseOver Girl’s Youth lacrosse organisation; this being the American group who the MetroGirls hosted for two weeks this past summer (July 15) and also previous years. MetroGirls who hosted last summer will have the opportunity to stay with the same girl and we ask that parents let us know their preference.


Itinerary: The two weeks in America will be a mixture of lacrosse games (6), MetroGirls group sightseeing and cultural visits to places of interest, and individual activities with the host families. The tour dates occur during the USA school summer vacation, and therefore host families will be participating in holiday-time activities in particular at weekends, which are likely to include swimming and more. The MetroGirls will be part of these activities as a ‘family member’.


Information required (required as soon as possible):-

  • Player & Family Details: please will all families complete the enclosed sheet to ensure that we have your accurate/up to date details and return it by post or email.
  • Passports: copy your daughter’s passport page(s) which show the name, number and photograph. If you daughters passport expires before March 2017 it will require to be renewed as soon as possible.
  • ESTA Approval: Your daughter will need US Homeland Security ‘ESTA’ registration/approval which must be obtained from following the application instructions, including travel dates and flight details. The destination address is non-essential information and can be left blank to be completed later. A payment of $14 is required (be wary of other non-official web sites which charge more). Print the ‘approval’ page and send a copy to us as confirmation of the registration reference.


Parents/Players Meeting:- A meeting will be held during February 2014 for everybody to meet each other, learn more about the MetroGirls organisation, receive pre-tour and updated tour details; and also for sizing tour clothing/kit. (using samples)


Training: This will commence after Easter 2014, comprising of seven or eight all-day Sunday sessions in the period leading up to the tour dates, with the dates taking account of school terms and breaks. From now and until to tour, each player is required to raise their fitness level.


Social Media Policy: Please see attach; this will apply for 2015/6 with changes/updates issued as appropriate. Please contact us is you have any queries at this time.


The above information is only an outline of the tour planning and events, and in the months to follow, including the parents meeting, greater details will be provided, including reminders. In the meantime if you have any queries now please telephone or email Michelle or Tony.


Michelle & Tony

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