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Hershey Park

Metrogirls Vs Bays

We arrived at the game today after a free weekend. It was great to hear the girls’ stories about what they had done. The girls were in high spirits, as were we. The temperature was about 85 degrees and it looked like a storm was moving in.

The place where we played today was a […]

Metrogirls Vs St. Mary’s

We arrived at the game with the weather Very hot, I think the temperature was around 90 degrees, and it appeared to get hotter as the night went on. Many of the girls had been out in the sun all day and a few were tired. Tony and I needed to motivate our girls as […]

Metros v Davidsonville

We arrived at the game today. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the temperature was around 85 degrees, although on the turf field it was 10 degrees hotter. There was no humidity, so as far as the Americans were concerned, these were great playing conditions.

We knew this team were going to […]

Photo Competition Winner

For a little bit of fun we decided to have a little photo competition with the Washington Monument as the backdrop. The girls had a few minutes to take photos with the winner being chosen by Kevin, one of the American coaches on the journey home. The only prize being kudos and the picture on […]

Washington Day Trip

Our trip to Washington started with us meeting at McDonalds at 7am. This is the best weather we have had yet; about 85 degrees and sunny! We boarded the coach for the 1 hour drive to Washington DC. The coach driver gave us a history lesson on the way there!

We saw the White House, […]

Beach Reception

After the match the reception was held down by the beach giving the girls a chance to relax and have some fun. The Severna Park parents put on a great buffet and refreshments.


Metrogirls Vs Severna Park 2012

We arrived today knowing that Severna Park were a difficult team. The temperature was around 81 degrees. We listened to stories of the girls who had been to the beach, and girls who had spent the day on the water. We then went into game mode.

Score 15-1 to them.

Niamh scored for us.

Player […]

Metrogirls Vs GLAAAC 2012

We arrived at the game today and it was pouring down! The temperature was about 70 degrees. Not much change from the weather we are used to playing in, so I had really high hopes. The GLAAAC team is made up of girls who did not make their high school teams. Traditionally, this has been […]


Oh no, it rained all day! I have never been to the states and coached a match in the rain. This weather rivals Manchester! It is all set to change tomorrow 🙂

Training & LAX World

We all met up today for training and a trip to Lax World. The weather was a cool 76 degrees, and the skies were pretty grey. I think we brought the UK weather with us!!! The girls chatted about what they did last night and their plans for the next few days! We trained for […]

Team Building Day

The 2012 team building day is underway. The sun is out but it’s still a little chilly, let the games begin!

And its not just the girls getting involved!

And your name is?

And now to the more serious matter of a game with the Wirral…