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Arrived in Annapolis

We all arrived safe and sound yesterday with only minor hiccups along the way. After being sat on the plane for an hour before taxi we finally took off. It was only half an hour before the girls were star struck, ROBIN HOOD WAS ON THE PLANE. Good work to Em Richardson for plucking up the courage to ask if it really was him. Several selfies later (with Robin Hood sleeping in the background) and a final photo with the man himself, we all landed and met the coaching team from the states.

Another couple of hours on the coach fuelled by Cheetos and fruit snacks and the girls finally got the chance to meet their host families. There were banners and cheering and a confetti canon! What a welcome to Annapolis!!

For the first full day of the tour the girls had a training session with all the tour leaders and girls to catch up. Everyone was in high spirits and after a short but very hot training both teams exchanged gifts before heading off to lax world to shop and eat pizza.

Hopefully they will all be well rested and ready for the first game tomorrow evening!


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