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Metro Girls Vs Bays

Today’s game hosted by the Bay’s was certainly a challenging first game. The girls met at 5.30 still in over 30 degree heat and a high humidity. The girls did an easy warm up and a fantastic rendition of God Save the Queen before hitting the pitch ready to fight.

The American team scored the first goal straight from the draw but that didn’t stop the metro girls. Solid defending by the girls with Lucy and Miranda both turning over the ball to prevent anther goal for a few minutes. The ground was soft and with everyone working hard, captain Alex took a tumble. The girls brought their determination and team work once again ending the first half hot and tired 6-0.

Second half was really when the girls got into their stride with two goals in a row from Ellie Bridge in the centre. Jamie was determined not to leave the pitch without giving bruises to several of the girls and Chloe Dodd ended the game with a goal after a few more shots from both her and Ellie B. And we can’t forget to mention our goalie Aimee Rogerson who managed an incredible 18 saves throughout the game against a very tough opposition in tougher conditions.

Final score 14-3

Congratulations to all girls who worked their hardest and a big thanks to the Bay’s team, coaches and referees for the pitch and an excellent game and reception.

Next game is tomorrow lunchtime, bring it on!

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