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Metro Girls vs Crofton

Today’s game came after a couple of days off, where the girls got to enjoy host activities such as tubing, hot tubs, trips to Georgetown and the local favourite, crabs. There was lots to catch up on before the game but this didn’t stop us preparing for a strong start against another fearless American side.

The first draw went our way and the Metro girls were positive but sadly a few mistakes led to an early goal by Crofton. Miranda brought it back level with a goal but the Metro girls couldn’t hold off the Crofton girls who pulled away with a lead. Emily Kynaston went into centre with great draw control creating a scoring opportunity from Dakota. By the end of the first half the Metro defence was tired and heads were down with the score 10-2.

Second half started off slowly again for the Metro girls but another goal from Miranda based on great defence team work and sliding between Millie and Lucie and then Jaime transitioning up the field got the girls back in the game. No one can deny the defence played outstandingly second half, Emily Noble, Emily Rossiter and Emma Cooke in particular making great contact and preventing shots with Aimee only allowing 2 goals in this half. Aoife has to be mentioned for her fantastic ground balls and five consecutive pitch sprints which allowed Dakota to assist a second goal to Chloe. Overall a great second half which really showed grit and determination from our girls.

Final score 14-4.

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