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Metro Girls Vs Davidsonville

Wednesday’s game hosted by Davidsonville Gators had the best start for the Metro Girls of all the games so far. Straight from the whistle the girls were fighting and ready to give 100% to this match and it showed when Em Richardson scored the first goal! The girls didn’t let it slip with Emily Rossiter playing solid defence and not letting any of the Gators through causing a turnover and a goal scored by Chloe Dodd. The team really pulled together with more goals from Miranda, Maisie, Ellie B and a second goal from both Chloe and Em Richardson. Besides the goal scorers both Katie and Joni were working hard off ball creating space for the drive and re-defending to success when the ball turned over.

Half time was in high spirits as we had a good lead on the opposition (7-1). Girls were determined to maintain the level of play and went back onto the pitch fighting.

Unfortunately Davidsonville also came out fighting and their goalie was having a great game coming out of the goal for interceptions. The Gators scored two in a row. Metros responded with Aoife having another great game taking 4 shots and scoring twice. Emily Noble stepped up her game pushing out hard on the attack players. Miranda and Ellie B both scored one more goal each to secure our first WIN of the tour!

Besides the girls mentioned, every single member of the team played exceptionally well and brought their best to the game. While many of the attack and midfield players are aiming for hatricks every game, none were scored today – feeling positive about the next game. Well done to all the Metro Girls.

Final score 11-5.

3 comments to Metro Girls Vs Davidsonville

  • L Bate

    Well done on both wins! I was about to say well done on the Davidsonville game but the match report has disappeared? Really pleased for the girls on their two wins!! Enjoy your free weekend. X

  • Molly Deykin

    Should be sorted now! Both reports up and running, sorry for the delay x

  • L Bate

    Thank you much appreciated.