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Metro Girls Vs St Mary’s

Last nights game against St Mary’s was always going to be tough, and seeing the team we were playing with a high number of current Anne Arundel girls as well as recent alumni immediately put the pressure on the Metro team. Coach Carina took charge of the warm up and got the girls ready for another big game.

Metro girls once against lost the ball on the draw and after a long play and solid defending from Emma Cooke, supported with excellent slides from Millie and Lucie eventuially the St Mary’s team scored a goal. The Metro Girls were not prepared to have another goal against them and pulled away a lead with goals from Chloe, Em Richardson, Emily Kynaston and Maisie. A yellow card late in the second half and the defence feeling tired with one man down meant the opposition scored 4 goals in quick succession. A disappointing end to a great first half, the St Mary’s team took the lead.

Half time was quiet and subdued compared to the usual upbeat and chatty team we were used to. Eventually the girls lifted their heads and started to believe they had it in them to win a second game.

Emily Kynaston scored the first goal of the second half. Ellie Simpson had an awesome game outrunning the St Mary’s girls on more than one occasion to get the ball safely into attack. Emily Richardson really used her strength in her power shots to score twice more. That’s a hatrick! Beth really showed some flair, defending hard when the American team tried to fight back and Aimee saved an amazing 13 goals in the game to prevent any St Mary’s goals. Ellie B scored, quickly followed by Dakota. Eva came back on and created space for Amy to score a goal with only a few minutes to go. We were also very glad to welcome our captain Alex back onto the pitch who did a great job assisting the last goal of the game with a quick sprint in transition, pass to Katie who scored on her first shot of the tour. That’s another WIN for the Metro Girls against a very competitive team.

Well done to all girls playing and raising their level beyond what we have seen from them so far. We’re all looking forward to Hershey park on Monday and the friendship game on Tuesday!

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